About Kitchen TimeSavers

At Kitchen TimeSavers we’re working hard to create the best small kitchen appliance reviews, kitchen tips, and delicious time-saving recipes anywhere on the Internet.

Hi – we’re Clare and Quenton – two busy working parents who would love to have more time to spend in the kitchen.

Quenton and Clare with trees and fields in background
Quenton and Clare

We like to buy the gadgets and small appliances that save time and open up new possibilities in the kitchen.

But we struggled to find high-quality reviews we could trust to help us find the right products for us.

So we decided to do something about it – and started Kitchen TimeSavers to provide the sort of quality information we were looking for.

When we buy tech or appliances for the house we like to find the very best products available for our needs, so we do lots and lots of research – even if it takes weeks.

Our computer science background makes us obsessive about specifications and small details, and we actually enjoy doing the in-depth research required.

Our experience in web publishing helps us to write interesting articles and reviews, and (we hope) present them in an attractive way that’s fun to browse.

What to do Next

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