25 Delicious and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

25 healthy and delicious smoothie recipes that you'll love to make.

I’ve searched high and low on the Internet to bring you 25 of the best healthy smoothie recipes.

The recipes I’ve found are both healthy AND delicious. I want to show you that a smoothie doesn’t have to taste horrible to be good for you!

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The US Government’s Dietary Guidelines show you how to develop a healthy diet. They recommend that you should eat nutrient-dense foods from these 5 core groups:

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Dairy, Protein and Oils.

So I have collected together smoothies that contain the best nutrient-dense foods from each of those food groups (except oils).

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 I’ve also made sure that the smoothies have as many extra healthy ingredients as possible.

They often include superfoods such as chia seeds (for fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and omega-3s), hemp seeds (for amino acids), oats (for fiber, minerals and antioxidants) or blueberries (for antioxidants).

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Of course, they are all absolutely delicious!

Keep reading to find your favorite healthy smoothie:

Healthy Vegetable Smoothies

Healthy Fruit Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies with Grains

Healthy Dairy Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies with Protein

Healthy Vegetable Smoothies

Beet Smoothie from A Couple Cooks

Two dark pink smoothie drinks, one with a green and white striped straw, a slice of beet and a leaf.
Beet Smoothie © A Couple Cooks

This vividly-colored smoothie has a sweet flavor and is packed full of nutrients. You don’t even have to cook the beet – just peel it and pop it in the blender with apple, banana and frozen pineapple.


Creamy Zucchini Blueberry Smoothie from Minimalist Baker

Blender jug full of different ingredients ready to make a smoothie
Zucchini Blueberry Smoothie © Minimalist Baker

This creamy smoothie is perfect for a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack. It’s loaded with goodness from zucchini, blueberries and bananas. There’s even a handful of hemp seeds (containing amino acids) in it for good measure!


Avocado Smoothie from Chocolate Covered Katie

Two milk bottles full of pale green smoothie, both have a green and white straw.
Avocado Smoothie © Chocolate Covered Katie

It’s the avocado in this simple 5-ingredient smoothie that makes it extra creamy. Avocado also adds loads of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Katie reckons it’s so creamy that it seems like you’re drinking a vanilla milkshake – what do you think?


Best Ever Green Smoothie from Iowa Girl Eats

Best Ever Green Smoothie © Iowa Girl Eats

This smoothie is like salad in a glass, with loads of dark leafy green vegetables. You can enjoy it with your favorite egg and toast recipes for a perfect, healthy breakfast.


Hide your Kale Smoothie from Minimalist Baker

Blender jug containing fruit and kale ready to make a smoothie.
Hide Your Kale Smoothie © Minimalist Baker

If you want the nutrients found in leafy green kale, but you’re not sure about the taste, then this is the smoothie for you!  It contains lots of frozen berries, banana and fruit juice, and hemp seeds to give you loads of amino acids.


Healthy Fruit Smoothies

Mango Smoothie from A Couple Cooks

Bright yellow smoothie in a glass with red and white straw.
Mango Smoothie © A Couple Cooks

This is the best mango smoothie ever – according to Sonja from A Couple Cooks. She says it tastes more like mango ice cream than a healthy drink! It has a smooth, creamy texture, is full of healthy ingredients, and doesn’t have any added sugar.


Sunrise Smoothie from Iowa Girl Eats

Bright purple smoothie in a glass with slice of orange on edge of glass.
Sunrise Smoothie © Iowa Girl Eats

This vibrantly colored berry smoothie couldn’t be any more healthy! It has antioxidants from the berries, potassium from the bananas, vitamin C from the orange, and protein from the Greek yogurt. I love the color – it looks like it will just fill you with energy!


Our Favorite Berry Smoothie from Spend with Pennies

Dark red berry smoothie in a jar, with fresh fruit on top.
Favorite Berry Smoothie © Spend With Pennies

This great healthy smoothie is perfect for breakfast on the go. Once you’ve made it, pour it into your insulated mug and you’re ready for your busy day ahead. The chia seeds make it extra good for you as they are full of fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and omega-3s.


Tropical Smoothie Recipe from Dinner at the Zoo

Bright orange smoothie in a glass with a cherry, sliced lime, mint leaf, and sliced pineapple on the glass,
Tropical Smoothie © Dinner at the Zoo

This tropical fruit smoothie is both creamy and refreshing and is ideal for a healthy snack on a hot day. If you add some fancy fruit garnish like in the picture, you’ll feel as if you’re relaxing on a tropical island when you drink it!


Kiwi Smoothie from A Couple Cooks

Green smoothie in glass with green and white striped straw and slices of kiwi.
Kiwi Smoothie © A Couple Cooks

In this recipe, kiwi, banana and pineapple blend together to create the perfect tropical fruit healthy smoothie. It even includes spinach (or kale) for extra nourishment!


Healthy Smoothies with Grains

Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie from Just So Tasty

Two glasses of pale brown oatmeal smoothie with cinammon sticks balancing on one glass.
Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie © Just So Tasty

Here is a delicious smoothie that tastes like your favorite cookie. It has all the usual cookie flavors you’d expect, like vanilla and cinnamon. The best thing is that it doesn’t have any refined sugars, so it’s both tasty and healthy!


Pumpkin Pie and Oat Smoothie from Five Heart Home

Yellow smoothie in a tall glass with oats on top, and black and white polka dot straw.
Pumpkin Pie and Oat Smoothie © Five Heart Home

This is a great idea for a seasonal smoothie at Halloween. The secret ingredient is frozen pumpkin, which gives the smoothie a thick, frosty texture. Your kids will love it because it has cinnamon and honey, and you’ll love it because it has healthy oats!


Peach Oatmeal Smoothie from Sugar Apron

Glass of pale brown smoothie with green straw and slice of fruit.
Peach Oatmeal Smoothie © Sugar Apron

This healthy oatmeal smoothie gets its vitamins from the fruit, its fiber from the oatmeal, and its protein from the Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt and frozen bananas also give it a great creamy, crunchy, frosty texture.


Orange Carrot Smoothie from Kitchen Gidget

Two glasses of orange smoothies with polka dot straws.
Orange Carrot Smoothie © Kitchen Gidget

I really love the vibrant color of this great smoothie. It’s a perfect breakfast smoothie, due to the oats and Greek yogurt. It also provides great nourishment as it contains both fruit and vegetables.


Creamy Oatmeal Smoothie from A Couple Cooks

Pale brown oatmeal smoothie in a glass with oats on top and striped red and white straw.
Creamy Oatmeal Smoothie © A Couple Cooks

Sonja and Alex from A Couple Cooks reckon they are the most faithful oatmeal fans and would eat it at every meal! So of course this is their favorite breakfast smoothie. It has loads of rolled oats for fiber, peanut butter and Greek yogurt for protein, and cinnamon to complete the oatmeal breakfast vibe.


Healthy Dairy Smoothies

Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Just So Tasty

Bright pink fruit smoothie in blender jug.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie © Just So Tasty

This is a lovely thick and creamy smoothie that only has 3 ingredients, so it’s really quick and easy to make. Also, you can use fresh or frozen berries, whichever you find easiest.


Perfect Banana Smoothie from A Couple Cooks

Yellow smoothie in glass with green and white striped straw and slices of banana on top.
Perfect Banana Smoothie © A Couple Cooks

This is the perfect banana smoothie because it has just the right amount of froth and creaminess, and is not too sweet. It has only natural sugars from the fresh bananas, so it’s healthy too!


Blueberry Smoothie from Spend With Pennies

Pale purple smoothie in jar with striped straw and blueberries and banana slices on top.
Blueberry Smoothie © Spend With Pennies

This dairy-rich smoothie is extra creamy because of the yogurt and frozen bananas. If you only have fresh bananas, they recommend adding a couple of ice cubes to thicken the mixture. The blueberries make it such a gorgeous purple/blue color!


Fast Apple Yogurt Smoothie from Eatwell 101

White frothy smoothie in a glass with pieces of apple and granola on top.
Fast Apple Yogurt Smoothie © Eatwell 101

This is a great way to start the day – juicy apple smothered in yogurt and milk, and topped with granola. Perfect for persuading your kids to eat an apple a day!


Fairytale Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies from Chocolate Covered Katie

Three brightly coloured smoothies in glasses with clear straws.
Fairytale Smoothies © Chocolate Covered Katie

This is a great idea for designing smoothies for kids. It uses different fruits to create different colored smoothies. Each one has a special name such as Purple Dragon, Pink Princess, Green Frog Prince or White Unicorn.


Healthy Smoothies with Protein

Vanilla Protein Smoothie from A Couple Cooks

Overhead shot of yellow smoothie in glass with a raspberry and coconut shavings on top.
Vanilla Protein Smoothie © A Couple Cooks

This delicately flavored smoothie has all-natural protein in the form of Greek yogurt and peanut butter. It tastes more like a vanilla milkshake than a protein drink! It’s great for a delicious breakfast drink or post-workout recovery.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie from Just So Tasty

Bright pink smoothie in glass with raspberries on top.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie © Just So Tasty

How about this twist on the traditional peanut butter jelly sandwich? Raspberries give the sweet jelly flavor, combined with peanut butter for that sweet-salty taste. There’s lots of protein from the peanut butter and almond milk.


Chocolate Protein Shake from Minimalist Baker

Chocolate Protein Shake © Minimalist Baker

The protein in this delicious chocolate smoothie comes from hemp seeds, nut butter and chia seeds (no protein powder). With the addition of oatmeal for fiber, this makes a really satisfying smoothie.

Minimalist Baker call it a shake, but in my eyes this is definitely a smoothie!


Raspberry Peach Cottage Cheese Smoothie from Kitchen Gidget

Two glasses of pink smoothie each with two striped straws and a slice of peach.
Raspberry Peach Smoothie © Kitchen Gidget

This is an unusual smoothie that contains cottage cheese to make it creamy and full of protein. Just make sure that you use low sodium cottage cheese.  The raspberries and peach add a lovely delicate flavor.


Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie from Jamie Cooks It Up

Smoothie in a blue mug with peanuts on top, on a blue striped tablecloth.
Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie © Jamie Cooks It Up

If you serve this smoothie in a mug, it almost looks like a cappuccino, it’s so smooth! It only needs three ingredients: frozen bananas, peanut butter and milk. If you use ripe bananas then you won’t need to add any sweetener.


What Next?

Pick your favorite healthy smoothie and go ahead and make it. You’ll find it’s every bit as delicious as I’ve said!

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